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Ozawa Ari - November 2019 Blog Posts (Updated to Nov. 17th)

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

I apologize for this being only updated to Nov 17th. I have been really busy lately, so I don't have much time to keep up with all the posts and then translating them here. Maybe one day I will finish updating this.

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Feelings (2019-11-01)

People have been saying a lot of selfish things

there are many of these that I want to deny,

but I can't say anything in my position.

As a professional there are a lot of things I can't say

What I think is above everything is

I don't want the Violet and Sunflower of Ortensia to wilt.

(This is a reference to her unit in Re:Stage, Ortensia, Violet and Sunflower refers to Yukari and Haruka)

In the end, I don't get the reasons from an adult


In order for Ortensia to continue to bloom in the future

I can only do what I can

That's always been the case

I've cried a lot, even today....

But even if I cry and be sad, fans won't be satisfied

Yukari and Haruka cannot move forward

I intend to go and to do my best for Yukari and Haruka

I want us to be honest with each other

So I am telling you this with sincerity

There is not much that can be conveyed through writing

Please come to my feelings.

My true feelings, only for those that come to the LIVEs

can they be truly conveyed

The Ortensia now

and the Ortensia going forward

Come and feel!

Thank you!


Go to the Nov 17 post to here the continuation of this


Feelinngs~~ (2019-11-02)

The Showa Memorial Park, which I love, I came here to play! 😊

I like the feeling of the trees, soil and sky more than the amusement park and drive etc.

I was in a car for a long time

No matter what, even on busy days, I'll come back

It's important to refresh and to have a change of scenery



Take a rest, take a rest (2019-11-2)

The wasteland that is the walk-in closet

I organized it

Because I put in the coat and knitted clothes I ordered, I still can't get... in...after tidying up.

It was a day of housework during this break

I have to finish up the vegetables today.

Cheap vegetables goes bad real quick.

All of it will be eaten in a curry soup



OMG (2019-11-3)

Well....There was this ad on the train...

It was so scary, that I couldn't ride the train comfortably in the morning

Today is a day where I have to try to move between 3 sites (lol)

The train riding time won't fit the schedule, but I am excited to see if it works out.

Will everyone be taking a rest on the public holiday? (referring to Culture Day Nov. 4)

The weather will be nice, I hope it will be a nice day

Today, work hard and give it your all >O<

If you do good things at work, go to a store/restaurant and treat yourself to something delicious.

Everyone put your own effort into it and do some good work

ps. The curry soup was delicious

I am good at seasoning the dish to my own liking 😏



Cleaning Basics (2019-11-5)

There is so much difference between day and night temperature

I need to avoid getting a cold

Is it pollen? Or house dust... My nose has been stuffy recently (there are pollen this time of year?)

I thought I'd take some time and make my room more clean

Get healthier from a cleaner house

I bought a lot of bags lately

But I don't know how to store them

It's kinda difficult to store bags



Fight Day (2019-11-6)


I took nasal medication last night and the next day was very sleepy.....

Today too is a hard day, if I could give it my best,

I'll probably take it with dinner this time

Tonight from 9pm, I'll be appearing as a guest on Kenshou TV

I am looking forward to it!

"sweet cafe time" too this week have a video for you to watch

Starbucks is also celebrating Christmas.

The last one or two year, I've really liked the glimmer of Christmas.

For me, the image of Christmas is more about the gentle night rather than the parties.

The warm and gentle nights lets me imagine the music and lights of Christmas that I love.

Until Christmas, the impression that if you give it your best, work will start to slow down (lol)

Let's work our best until Christmas!

There may be good thing this Christmas!



Happy Night (2019-11-08)

Being this kind of sloppy is fun

Maybe it's the humidifier's sound

Hair is completely in home mode. Straight bangs



Good Night (2019-11-08)

Tomorrow is a whole day of work, same with the day after

Every week I need to rest my body once to be able to work well

So that's why today I get to lay back.

It's a day for house work though

Recently got a blender

I made pumpkin soup! Tasty!

Everyone, have a good day!

ps. there are bugs with the camera app

I want to get a new phone, but I wonder if Huawei or Galaxy is better, I am most worried about the camera function



Toriseka (2019-11-12) & Appearance Info (2019-11-14)

Toriseka was so super fun!

I want to exercise my body again! What a wonderful program!

(Promotional info, check the site if you want to see it)



See you tomorrow (2019-11-16)

I gone home.

It's quickly tomorrow already,

many many days later~

Tomorrow is the LIVE

Everyone, just like that,it will be all over

I'll enjoy it with my all

Good night



Re:Stage! It's the best! (2019-11-17)

Everyone is so warm for supporting us, truly thank you so much!

I love Yumiri-chan

Today while listening to Re:Stage songs, I soaked in the feel

See you again another day

Good job

I had a great time with everyone!



Thank you Flowers

Thank you so much everyone!

It was a tough weekend, but the result is fun!!!

That day, there are times that were very rough

During the day, I was more nervous than usual, I wasn't able to do what I wanted, it was far from my ideal stage.

But at night, I was able to enjoy to the fullest

The result was all right

Honestly, I got nothing to say!

It was so fun!

At the LIVE, we received everyone's feeling

Since it's a personal blog, let me tell you a little about it.

To today, I have been treated harshly many times

Yumiri-chan and I as Ortensia have always been an important thing for me.

But, this being Yumiri-chan's last stage appearance is sad, I can't help but to think this will be a sad memory.

I wanted you to enjoy graduation, so I intended to do it as usual

The whole day together with Yumiri-chan, even though with the flutters, I valued today. I was told the stage was a lot of fun, I am really glad. Keep smiling!