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About me

If you want to message me privately, I am usually reachable by Discord (@Taeya#5929) or by Twitter (@TaeyaLuna).

I translate/sub mostly seiyuu related content. My Japanese isn't top notch or anything, I took 3 years of Japanese in university, but I am always continuing to learn more.

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Bandori Seiyuu Twitter:

Bandori Seiyuu Masterlist:

I mainly go by Taeya (I pronounce it Tay-ya) online, the name just comes from Hanazono Tae (not the Kpop singer as some people thought). 

I love all the Bandori girls, too hard to pick a favourite. 

I am also a big Love Live! and iM@S Million Live fan.


Fun fact, the reason I got into Bandori was because of iM@S ML with Aimi(Julia), Koroazu(Shizuka) and Mikku(Yuriko).

I am 21, ♂, from Canada. Currently a 4th year university life science student, majoring in health&disease and immunology.

I am a huge gamer, spending quite a bit of time on Steam. Send me a request if you want:


I also play a lot of osu!

Sometimes if I have free time I stream to Twitch or YouTube. Come check it out!