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[Itou Miku] Kobe Princess STATION. (5.21)

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

All of you producers,

thank you for the two days ^^

Kobe was on FIRE!


Thank you so much for coming ☺︎

For the two days of the Live, we tried a lot of new things!

Being a member of Twinkle Rhythm, we battled the bad guys (Guarantee?) that showed up in Kobe.

It was so much fun singing and fighting with a weapon at the same time. [See below]

The Twinkle Rhythm drama CD's content are really detailed and really interesting, I love it a lot!

So, this time I was very happy to be on stage as a Twinkly Lily.

To make 「地球儀にない国 」/ Chikyuugi ni Nai Kuni charm differently compared to the 5th Live, I sang with a fantasy like feeling along with the costume.

For トゥインクル[Twinkle...] and 地球儀 [Chikyuugi...]

to fully embody what was in Yuriko's mind (imagination), I gave it all I got out there on stage with high spirits.

There were spots where I had regrets about, since I was really looking forward to it, so I thought "There's something here that I could've made more appealing and....".

There will be problem all the time,

but still looking forward to the next Live!

I would be very happy if even a little of the world that Yuriko always sees is conveyed to everyone ^ ^

Photos with everyone〜☆

Seeing the surprised and delighted faces on all the producers made me smile too ♪

That's all, the Wind Warrior must return.

Let's all do our best at work today!

Mikku o(^_-)O


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